Raymond Bonavida Art Photography

Moondance 2019

First Editions Now Available

Limited editions are now available as dye sublimation fine art prints on aluminum. Each print is signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

Shades of Sunset

When viewed as a set of panels in succession, 'Shades of Sunset' has a visual fluidity. The tree and the sun transform in structure and appearance as the angle of perception becomes more pronounced. The series suggests that there are often multiple viewpoints that are equally valid representations of the real world. Read the artist statement.

First Editions Now Available

Postmodern San Francisco

San Francisco is approached from a postmodern perspective, revealing a deep color palette set against the stark black of night.

Golden Gate Lights

Bridges, Buildings and City Lights

There are three essential components in this series: bridges, buildings and city lights. Bridges serve as gateways and evolve into art installations. Land is repurposed as new buildings spawn and create cultural epicenters. Lights illuminate and electrify the city, serving as both a subject and an inspiration for this series. My intention is to challenge our expectations of how these traditional subjects are perceived and expand our relationship with the evolving urban landscape.

The Golden City

North Pulse


Bay View

The expression of light dynamics in the series is accentuated through aluminum prints. Finishes include a silver gloss finish that creates a heightened metallic visual experience.

The Other Side

San Francisco at Night no.1

San Francisco at Night no.2

San Francisco at Night no.3

The Bay Lights no.1

These three images of the Bay Bridge expand on the themes of light dynamics expressed through the large scale light display titled 'The Bay Lights'. 25,000 lights are sprawled across the Bay Bridge, illuminating the area in never-repeating patterns as they are controlled by a computer program. These three photographs present three perspectives of this installation as captured in near succession from the same vantage point on The Embarcadero.

The Bay Lights no.2

The Bay Lights no.3


San Francisco Waterfront

Geary Street Traffic


San Francisco Lifelines


Limited edition prints

Each print is signed, numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity. This is a unique opportunity to own a limited edition fine art print by an emerging artist. These first editions are very limited and will not be available once sold.