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Raymond Bonavida is an emerging artist whose work is inspired by a philosophical interest in the complexities of light and the modern dynamics of urban culture and development. His approach to fine art photography incorporates light itself as a compositional subject as he combines expressionism with realism in an effort to explore the subjective nature of reality.  Images that may appear blurry or surreal are in fact focused compositions of multiple slices of time, organically captured through a single exposure.

This is a unique opportunity to own a visually compelling first edition fine art print by an emerging artist. Photographs are printed on aluminum, taking advantage of both the rich color range and the unique reflective properties of this new fine art medium.  These first edition prints are signed and numbered in limited editions and will not be available once the edition is sold. The finishes vary by edition including an illuminating silver gloss that adds depth and vibrancy to a contemporary space. Learn more.


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