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What has truly resonated with me over time is the power of social dialogue to influence our thoughts and actions. In my personal search for meaningful ways to contribute to this dialogue, along with my studies of philosophy and psychology at UCLA, I discovered art. 


Photography is much more than a form of aesthetics; it is a critical examination of life and its contents. As an art form, photography is a reflection of all of the complexities that make life both beautiful and interesting. In this sense, photography has real value and I believe it can have a huge impact on how we think and therefore act. 

I began my academic pursuit at an early age with traditional black and white darkroom photography and in time I developed a deep appreciation of beauty, composition, perspective, texture, and form. Ultimately I decided that a central role of photography as art is to not only relay reality and record our world but also to activate fundamental dynamics of emotion and thoughts through experience. Our experiences are primal yet complicated and elusive. A pursuit of fundamental questions about the nature of art, society and individuals led me to a more conceptual approach to photography with a heightened focus on the role of culture and cognition.  


By combining traditional photography with a time exposure technique, my intention is to produce images of the real world that both convey beauty and challenge our conventional perceptions. My belief is that art can contribute to our social dialogue - learn more about my views and photographic style through the artist statements below.

Fine art photography, as a medium of expression and influence,  can have a deep social impact. The production of works of art plays a central role in this effort. I offer limited editions on aluminum, taking advantage of both the rich color range and the unique reflective properties of this new fine art medium. Learn more about the first edition prints.


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Fine Art Prints

This is a unique opportunity to own a visually compelling first edition fine art print by an emerging artist. Photographs are printed on aluminum, taking advantage of both the rich color range and the unique reflective properties of this new fine art medium.  These first edition prints are signed and numbered in limited editions and will not be available once the edition is sold.  

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