Shades of Sunset

Shades of Sunset (2019)

Stunning as Individuals,
Spectacular in Succession

When viewed as a set of panels in succession, 'Shades of Sunset' has a visual fluidity. The tree and the sun transform in structure and appearance as the angle of perception becomes more pronounced. As a group, the series suggests that there are often multiple viewpoints that are equally valid representations of the real world.

These limited edition fine art prints on metal are signed and numbered in limited editions with a certificate of authenticity.

This series captures the multifaceted beauty of the sun setting in three images, each captured from the same vantage point in Hermosa Beach, California.

Wall Ready.
Contemporary Float Mount.

Your print is wall ready with an attached metal inset frame which allows the print to float off the wall, revealing the sleek thin silhouette of the metal.

Signed and numbered

Limited editions are now available as dye sublimation fine art prints on aluminum. Each print is signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity. 'Shades of Sunset' is offered in either a soft matte finish with minimal glare or a reflective gloss finish. Editions are very limited and will not be available once sold out.

2019 Emerging Artist


New artist Raymond Bonavida is quickly gaining attention for his unique aesthetic.

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